Why did I start this company?

I purchased an ebike in December of 2017. This ebike was listed as a class 3 with a stated top speed of 28 mph. I should have test ridden the ebike but I trusted the manufacturer’s website. However, once I had it at home, I quickly discovered that it would only assist to 25 or so. I know, 3 mph is not a big deal but I felt cheated. In addition, some issues arose regarding the battery mounting that was never discussed in the review. For over 18 months now I’ve ridden this ebike as much as I can and do enjoy it greatly. And the dealer has been wonderful so my experience wasn’t all that bad…

However, my experience could have been better with access to actual data about how it performed. With this company, I intend to provide that actual performance and range data to others can make informed decisions regarding their ebike purchase and also to help the industry better understand how their ebike compares. Knowing the true range at a given speed would have been extremely helpful!

Why should you trust my data and reviews?

As a mechanical engineer who has been involved with vehicle testing for more than 12 years, I know my way around instrumentation, testing, and post test data analysis. The 20 Hz GPS unit I use is trusted in the industry. The power pedals utilized are accurate to 1%. The range estimations are based on real world power vs. speed requirements. Nearly all of the results are statistically significant due to repeat runs (except for the hill climb performance test and the real world range tests). Lastly, all of my test methods are published right here on this site for anyone to review or critique. I’m also open to suggestions and additions so please email me at ebiketestlab@outlook.com if you have any.

Thanks for visiting,

Jason Holmes

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