Ebike Setup and Instrumentation

Each Ebike is setup with all of it’s factory supplied equipment such as fenders, rack, lights, and factory pedals. The total weight is measured with and without the battery or batteries using a calibrated scale. The computer settings, if any, are left at their factory default level unless noted in the test report. The tire pressures are set to the recommended pressure in the owner’s manual, or to the middle of the sidewall listed range if there is no recommended pressure stated in the owner’s manual.

The factory pedals are then removed and power meter pedals are installed. A Garmin Edge cycling computer and Vbox GPS unit are installed on the handlebars. The weight is measured again with the installed instrumentation. The rider weight with helmet is also measured and noted in the test report. I’m a big guy (6′ 3″ and 190 lbs) so my target weight for rider, helmet, instrumentation, and water bottle with cage is 200 lbs. I adjust the water bottle or bottles to reach that target for every test, unless noted separately. For the durability testing, I may also add a pannier bag with laptop that adds another 10 lbs for a total additional weight of 210. This will all be noted in the test report for each individual bike.

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