Ebikes Tested and Survey Results

Reliability Survey Results are in!

The first Ebike Test Lab Reliability Survey results are in. Check them out here:

Spring 2020 Ebike Reliability Survey Results

I love testing e-bikes! If you have an e-bike and would allow me to test it, please email me at ebiketestlab@outlook.com (it’s even better if you live close to Brewster, New York). If you are an e-bike company and want to ship me an e-bike to test, that’s great, please send me an email and I’ll get to work on a formal proposal.

In the interest of moving the industry forward, we’ve also started collecting customer service data directly from owners. Once enough responses are collected, the results will be shared in a report on the EBR forums. This report will include a brand customer service ranking. Please take our survey here:


E-bikes tested:

We’ve also done some performance testing on the Metro+ to see how weather and such affect it’s performance:

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